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Best Barbershop in Manhattan

Traditions are a great thing. But it can be tedious. If you crave to feel the authentic atmosphere of the man’s club and get the best service, it’s unnecessary to follow old rules. Our Barbershop in Manhattan is a unique place nearby. It can change your mind about creating a perfect male outfit. We mix everything with anything and get a hair masterpiece.

Bad weather, low spirits – it’s not an option to delay the appointment. Our barbers have hands-on experience in adding a charming note to your male look. They only need scissors and combs to meet your desires.

Divine. This word you will say after getting our high-quality services. Yes, we know. We are not modest and shy, but we know our advantages and know how to make a client smile looking in a mirror. Our specialists always get new knowledge to meet our clients’ goals.

Why Choose Barbershop 72 in Uptown Manhattan

Our Staff

Visiting our barbershop will be your red-letter day! And it’s not showing off. We are aware of what our barbershops can do. We provide a friendly and approachable vibe. 

Do you want to get a trim? Or a pompadour? For guys in our Uptown Barbershop, nothing is impossible. We’ll accept all your wishes and desires. The result will astonish you in a good way.

Our Quality of Service

We not only pamper you but also give some recommendations on extending the effect achieved at our place. To look perfect, it’s not only a woman’s prerogative. If you desire to see your reflection in the mirror with a smile and feel confident, you know where to go.

Don’t beat around the bush and choose our Upper West Side Barbershop. We’ll never steer you wrong!

Our Ideology

The client’s word is our law. If you have an idol you worship and want to have a similar hairstyle, it’s not a problem for our barbers to embody it.

First, we analyze your wishes and your look. Then we suggest suitable options for improving your appearance. It can be only your decision to accept their variants or leave your version. It’s up to you. Barbers in Barbershop in Manhattan respect your choice.

We are Open 7 Days

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Our Customers Love Us!

The place is tidy and clean. The staff is approachable and polite. When someday I came too early for my appointment, the administrator offered me a cup of coffee. It’s a pleasant gesture.

Stiven D.

Oct. 5, 2021

I always wonder when I see how barbers can do a neat haircut so fast. They are wizards. To visit this place, I feel a total gratification, like from the spa session. 

Mark N.

Oct. 12, 2021

I recommend this barbershop. Pleasant music, polite stuff. I’ve had appointments with several barbers there. They are painstaking during the process. Their work is always on top.

Christina V.

Nov. 8, 2021